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What if... you can gain visitors at a far lower cost? By showcasing your technology on our platform, you can drive highly-qualified technology buyers to your website that are 3X more likely to convert into a customer.

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  • A unique page per technology to display your technologies

  • Get featured under the right modules and theme pages to reach end users interested in your technology category.

  • Reviews from experts & users

  • Showcase deployment track record

Market Insights & Analytics

You will get access to data analytics that enables you to understand the market potential of your technology.  This package also includes 1 hr of expert support on presenting your value proposition and track record to your target market.

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Sponsored content package includes the following:

  • 1 Case study and 1 Blog on and its partner portals including the SDN Technology Platform

  • Your own custom URL address ( /blogs/your name)

  • Sponsored content featured in Newsletter

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  • Free headline consulting and editing suggestions

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Premium Services

Next to publishing a technology page, we offer the following additional services to help you attract the right buyers for your technology:

  • Market Insights & Analytics to track your page visitors and more!

  • Sponsored Content to showcase your technology

  • Tech positioning programme to help you position your technology for success

  • The opportunity to be invited to present your technology to an operator (Only for Platinum Members)

Tech Positioning Programme

The “Tech Positioning Programme” is a programme that is based on more than 20 years of technology deployment experience. The programme helps you to identify strengths and opportunities to improve the overall offering of your technology and make it as attractive as possible to the broadest appropriate customer base.

  • Assess your technology against ~30 criteria grouped under 7 themes

  • Diagnose business pain points, challenges as well as areas of opportunity

  • Position your technology for success

  • Increase the chances of success that the technology gets deployed

  • Outcome captured in a report including a management summary

As technology evolves and changes happen in the business environment, it is important to reassess your tech positioning. Thus, we highly recommend doing the tech positioning programme at regular intervals so that you can generate the right customers at any moment in time. Curious about how the Tech Positioning Programme can help you? See our recently added blog to learn more.

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