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Kovid RT

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The comprehensive software for Digital Radiographic testing

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Thursday, October 14, 2021 - 08:36

Kovid RT is a comprehensive reconstruction and analysis software for Digital Radiographic testing. Acquisition and Visualisation and analysis Support for a Variety of Hardware. There are more than 100 + Image processing filters and bridge to deep learning. The ability to Integrate with external motion control systems and x-ray control. Customisable Reporting Module that are present for the unique needs of every customer.


Instant acquisition of image making it quicker to begin the analysis process
There is greater versatility in the image that is obtained
The ability to get detailed statistics by creating a Region of Interest at any point in the image
Multiple simple and complex filters to better analyse the data
The ability to use Automated processes like ADR or Assisted Defect Recognition
Customization of UI and reports to suit the needs of each customer
No use of film and chemicals which reduces the environmental impact and makes it easier to store the data
Cost of replacing existing mechanisms to get new digital systems


Inspection Inspection speed for Girth welds on pipes reduced by 75% from 50 mins to 10 mins.
Certification/ Licenses Designed to adhere to both ASNT and ISP Certified values.
Compliance ASNT and ISO compliant.
UI & Reporting Custom UI & Reporting that can be user customised as well
Hardware The software is hardware agnostic and can be connected to any RT scanner system given the API for configuration
Visualisation 100+ Filters and 3D visualisation of data

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About Lucid Software

Lucid Software, founded in the year 2000, is a trailblazing software company in the domain of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) that offers a wide of range of software solutions for both traditional NDT applications and the emerging area of NDE 4.0 supporting Industry 4.0.

Lucid has expertise in working with a range of NDT techniques including Ultrasound, X-Ray, Eddy Current, Ground Penetrating Radar and Impact Echo. Lucid’s offerings include licensing of the Kovid product platform and custom software development

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