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Less Errors with High performance HMI

Monitor the process in a safe and modern way

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Friday, May 7, 2021 - 16:18

Safety is the most important aspect in the (chemical) industry. Nevertheless, incidents still occur, causing major financial consequences. In 26% of the cases, it concerns an operator error. A clear interface is crucial to limit the risks. Nowadays, most software and apps have a Human Centered Design. The new generation operators has grown up as digital natives. However, current process control interfaces are not modernized. They still use bright colors, which makes alarms less visible and more difficult to see from a glance. Also, when too much information is displayed there is a higher chance of message perception.

An answer to these developments is the High Performance Human Machine Interface (HMI). The operator interface to your control system is an important part of the operator’s ability to control the plant processes. 

A well-designed graphic that encourages situational awareness allows for a more accurate and timely operator response. High performance shapes can enhance the performance of the operators by giving them visual references of the state of the process, allowing for issues to be detected in earlier stages.



Use of neutral and saturated background to provide the operator with a calm rendering
Visibility of changes in the process are clearly indicated by alternating colors. Lines are muted in color and reduced in thickness to reduce distraction on the page
Only alarms use the saturated colors to emphasize changing process conditions. Other changes such as opening and closing valves also become more visible
HMI offThe process is shown in four different levels. Levels 1 and 2 provide a graphical overview of the process to increase situational awareness. Smart shapes provide control at a glance for deviating process conditions
Intuitive navigation provides easy access to levels 3 and 4 where images with the required level of detail are displayed. Conventional displays that many organizations still use only show levels 3 and 4
Using HTML5, the interface is visible on every screen. From a screen wall or monitor, to a tablet
To increase productivity of HMI, operators should be involved in the display design as they are the end users, but such inputs will raise overall costs


Areas of Application Process control and safety in the industry (Chemicals, Pharmatical, Oil & Gas, Natural Gas, electric energy facilities).
Certifications / licenses Build HMI Philosophy and Style Guide to align with industry standards, recommended best practices, and guidelines.
Capabilities Human centered design, developed to meet the needs of the new generation of operators.
Compliance ISA 101.1, API 1165, ISO 11064, EEMUA 201 and NUREG 700.
Integration DeltaV DCS and SIS | Using HTML5, the interface is visible on every screen (screen wall, monitor, tablet).

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