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Slim Pump Safety Valve (SPSV)

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Retrofittable safety valve

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Thursday, October 14, 2021 - 08:36

The SP Safety Valve is a retrofittable safety valve intended for deployment with a range of artificial lift methods. The valve requires no existing or additional control lines or nipple profiles to work, as it uses ESP or jet pump pressure to operate. The patent pending design also facilitates bi-directional sealing and unloading at full working pressure. It is surface testable and operates as a fluid loss valve (FLV).


FLV operation prevents backspin of ESP
Metal to metal valve seat and poppet design for reliability
Precision burst disc for pump-thru/ equalisation
Standalone unit can be adapted to suit a variety of deployment scenarios
Subsurface controlled design requiring no hydraulic or electrical power to operate
Does not rely on existing completion components such as control line or seal bore integrity
Low operating pressure, does not restrict ESP operation or capability
Currently only 2 available sizes


Areas of Application Retrofitting of safety valve in any well | Rigless cable-deployed ESP systems | Jet pumps and velocity strings | Coil tubing deployed ESPs.
Pressure Patent pending design allows bi-directional sealing up to 5,000 psi. Well pressure or surface test pressure boosts valve shut.
Engineering Tools SP Latch: facilitates positive location of the SPSV into a packer seal bore and prevents pump out | SP Packer: Designed specifically for the SPSV for simplified deployment.
Deployment The SPSV can be run on cable or wireline independently, as part of the ESP assembly or as part of the packer assembly.
Certifications / licenses 150c rated to API 14A V3 12th Edition.

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